Nigerian Newspaper Launches Online TV Platform

Ravages of climate change By Irene Gaitirira
Published April 27, 2016

The Guardian newspaper of Nigeria has launched its own online TV platform.

Touted as one of the most trusted newspapers in Africa’s most populous country, The Guardian launched its Guardian TV on April 27, 2016.

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“Guardian TV will provide exclusive video interviews, as well as up-to-the-minute videos from across the world, and will be available on virtually any device that has an internet connection, including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs,” the newspaper said in a Press statement.

The service is provided by Guardian TV in partnership with Al Jazeera, AFP, Reuters, CNBC Africa, Bloomberg, Forbes Africa TV and France 24. The list also includes Blustar Entertainment, Ebony Life TV, Ovation TV, Frontera, Channels TV, and Omnisport.

Saying Guardian TV will revolutionise the short form video content market in Nigeria, Toke Alex Ibru, Executive Director of The Guardian, says the online TV “will offer content providers a platform to reach out to larger audiences and demographics, both locally and internationally. I expect Guardian TV in the-not-too-distant-future to become the number one source in Nigeria for quality short videos on news, entertainment and sports.”

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The service is launched in partnership with Ventra Media Group, a full-service digital marketing and rights agency whose range of services includes digital strategy, growing social media audiences and planning, as well as buying digital media for brands and content owners. The outfit also specialises in platform development and monetisation for content owners such as The Guardian.

Guardian TV launches in NigeriaDaryn Wober, CEO of Ventra Media Group, says, “We believe that Guardian TV represents the first of its kind in the market where a traditional newspaper business has stepped forward to provide a dedicated online video platform. The combination of Ventra’s product and technical expertise combined with the online reach of The Guardian will provide audiences with an unparalleled service.”

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The launch of Guardian TV comes in the wake of complete re-launch of The Guardian’s digital platform. The new service is said to be “part of a continued investment by the group in its digital operations and products” and “intent to launch products and services that can compete on an international basis.”

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