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Traditional-wisdomTo make life more convenient, you can purchase these publications via Safaricom’s Mobile Money (Lipa na M-Pesa, Till Number 142 243), cash and PayPal (ArtMatters.Info) services.

Traditional Wisdom: Folktales from Uganda takes the reader into the heart and soul of 1000 years of an African people.

How to Write on 1001 Subjects! is a manual for professional writers that tackles creative writing, criticism and journalism. It not only teaches any one how to think logically and coherently but also assists any one interested in writing to find direction and preserve professional consistency.

Stories From Life is written on the premise that history is written not to justify anything but to inform, educate and caution. Running almost the whole gamut of human experience, Stories From Life is also meant to entertain and celebrate humanity in all its manifestations.

From Terror to Hope tackles xenophobia and hypocrisy based on myopic considerations like race, ethnicity, gender, class or creed. In the story, the faith of a 12-year-old boy in the supernatural and humanity is shaken to the core following some diabolical terror visited on him and his family.

The Braggart’s Day is a coming-of-age adventure story about a 12-year old boy who must trudge deeper into a dark forest despite the dangers lurking behind the sky-clutching trees and octopus-like creepers and man-eating plants in order to secure a cure for his ailing younger sister.

The Eastern Africa Independent Television and Audiovisual Media Practitioners Plan of Actionm(The Nairobi Declaration) is a report on the proceedings at the first Eastern Africa Film Summit that brought independent television and audiovisual media practitioners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and eastern Congo-Kinshasa to deliberate on the state of film in eastern Africa and suggest solutions to what ails the sector.

Independent-Producers-Organisation-Declaration-cover-Media7African Cineweek Kenya 2003 is an introduction to film and tourism business in Kenya.

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