Here is How to Make Better Use of Your Time

By Ogova Ondego
Published February 25, 2017

Brief, concise, straight to the point and easy to read, Managing Your Time will help you distinguish priorities in your life.In today’s world, there seems to be so many things to do and so little time to do them in spite of the many time- and labour-saving gadgets like washing machines, hoovers, computers and cellular phones at our disposal. The very technology designed to help us relax, it appears, has quickened the pace of life and added to the pressures on us.

If you are a busy person who wants to make better use of your time or if you are struggling to find the right balance between work, rest and play and the competing demands made of you, then you need to read Managing Your Time by Steve Chalke with Penny Relph.

Brief, concise, straight to the point and easy to read, this paperback will help you distinguish priorities in your life.

Besides helping you reduce stress levels and attain your goals, it is also likely to enable you enrich your relationships as it will show you how to have more time for your family, friends and colleagues.

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“The people who use their time least effectively are often those who appear to be working hardest and longest. It is very easy to be busy doing the wrong things, or even the right things in an uneffective manner,” the authors write.

Interspersed with self-assessment questionnaires intended to help readers to identify their problems and then showing them how to overcome them, Managing Your Time is an invaluable manual for anyone who wants to use his or her time in a most productive manner.

Chalke and Relph are also co-authors of Making a Team Work that seeks to equip team leaders with the skills for guiding their teams in reaching their full potential.

Steve Chalke's Making a Team WorkIt tackles issues like leadership styles, the art of delegation, accountability, decision making and conflict resolution.

Like Managing Your Time, Making Your Team Work contains numerous examples to illustrate the principles being tackled. It also contains self-administered questionnaires to determine how the reader fares in the areas being highlighted.

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“A great leader isn’t someone we stand in awe of. A truly great leader is someone who builds a team and inspires others to do well; not someone who leaves you believing in them so much as believing in yourself and your own abilities. The ultimate test of a great leader is therefore not so much what happens when they are around but what happens when they’re gone. Will their work continue or fall apart?” the authors write.

Although written with church in mind, the principles espoused in these books apply in business, in voluntary work and to any team situations whenever and wherever they occur.

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