How to Sell a Book in 10 Simple Ways!

book-signingSeeing your ideas published into a book can be quite exciting. However, the tough task lies in getting the publication bought. So, how do you ensure that that book reaches buyers effectively and in-expensively?

Book Review
The book needs to be reviewed by newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites, radios and television for the benefit of readers and buyers. This provokes the interest of readers to want to buy and read the book.

Free Media Listing
Have the book listed without any cost to you in relevant sections of print, electronic and online media.

Media Interviews
By writing attention-catching reviews and media releases, the author is likely to be invited to newsrooms and studios to speak about the publication in not-paid-for book talks. Writing and publishing personal blogs, reflections and reviews for oneself and also for relevant blogs and websites, for instance those by professionals like writers, reporters, editors and publishers could go a long way in marketing one’s book.

remembering kenya 2Book Endorsement
Endorsements should also be sought for by the author from reputable individuals and organisations in matters that are related to literary scholarship, events, festivals or any other activities that is widely recognized by the general public. This kind of endorsement serves to assure readers that buying such a book is a worthy investment.

Social Media
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In could be effective selling platforms for the book.

People buy a book because they are aware of its existence. This may come through paid-for adverts in the media: radio, television, newspapers, brochures, stickers, flyers, brochures, billboards and notice boards, among others.

Debates and Discussions
It is important for the publisher to arrange meetings for the author to attend debates and discussions in places like churches, universities, cinemas and cultural centres that attract the audience targeted by the writer. Where resources allow, the writer can also embark on a book tour. Most people tend to heighten their curiosity to read a book after they have had a chance to meet and interact with the author.

Book Launch
Launching a book could be a very effective way of selling it. During the launch the writer of the book gets the chance to officially present it to the public and make a lasting impression of what the book is about and why the audience need to buy and own it. The guest list of this occasion should range from scholars to publishers; and from students to journalists all the way to publishers and all kinds of book lovers.

book-donation-300x199Book Signing
Author appearance in shops that sell books encourages readers to buy the book. The writer interacts with readers, answers their questions and autographs copies of the book as readers buy it.

Book Fairs
Participating in book exhibitions at book fairs—Nairobi International Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair—could be the sure way of selling your publication. So go on. Sell that book!

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