Unrestricted Air Travel Solution Proposed

By International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Published May 26, 2021

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Proposes Unrestricted Air Travel SolutionTo re-open borders without quarantine and restart aviation governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of importing COVID-19. This means having accurate information on passengers’ COVID-19 health status.

Informing passengers on what tests, vaccines and other measures they require prior to travel, details on where they can get tested and giving them the ability to share their tests and vaccination results in a verifiable, safe and privacy-protecting manner is the key to giving governments the confidence to open borders. To address this challenge IATA is working on launching the IATA Travel Pass, a digital platform for passengers.

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Current challenges to accurate health information:

        • Complexity and variety
          The fragmented and diverse set of COVID-19 testing requirements for entry and exit as well as the range of different types of tests (PCR, LAMP, antigen and spectroscopic) required by governments have created a challenging and complex environment for immigration authorities, passengers and airlines to navigate.
        • Information gap
          Passengers are confused and need accurate information. But they do not know where to find it – or understand it, even if they do find it
        • Inefficiencies, errors, fraud
          Check-in agents need to follow extensive entry requirement guidance and try to determine the authenticity of multiple non-standard test documents passengers present to them. This leads to health check inefficiencies, errors and fraud – an increasing problem around the world.


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Uganda Airlines takes delivery of its second new A330-800neo aircraft on February 2, 2021.The information flow infrastructure that is needed for systematic testing must support:

  • Governments with the means to verify the authenticity of tests and the identity of those presenting the test certificates
  • Airlines with the ability to provide accurate information to their passengers on test requirements and verify that a passenger meets the requirements for travel
  • Laboratories with the means to issue certificates to passengers that will be recognized by governments, and
  • Travellers with accurate information on test requirements, where they can get tested or vaccinated, and the means to securely convey test information to airlines and border authorities.

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Kenya Airways has special fares from NairobiIATA Travel Pass!
This is a global and standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding COVID-19 passenger travel requirements. IATA Travel Pass will incorporate four open sourced and interoperable modules which can be combined for an end-to-end solution.

The IATA Pass App

  • Enables passengers to find information on travel, testing and vaccine requirements for their journey
  • Powered by IATA Timatic
  • Enables passengers to find testing centers and labs at their departure and/or arrival location that can conduct COVID-19 tests in accordance with the type of test required for their journey
  • Enables authorized labs and test centers to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers
  • Enables passengers to (1) create a ‘digital passport’, (2) verify their test/vaccination meets the regulations & (3) shares test or vaccination certificates with authorities to facilitate travel
  • Can be used by travelers to manage travel documentation digitally and seamlessly throughout the travel experience.

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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the many gateways for tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) in sub-Saharan Africa that experienced a 5% growth in the number of international travellers in 2017.The main priority is to get people traveling again safely. In the immediate term that means establishing confidence in governments that systematic pre-departure COVID-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements. And that will eventually develop into a vaccine program.

The IATA Travel Pass is a solution for both. It is built it in modules as an industry solution based on open-source standards. It can be used in combination with other providers or as an end-to-end solution. The most important thing is that it is responsive to industry needs while enabling a competitive market.

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