Real-Time Protection for Web Browsers Introduced

By Irene Gaitirira
Published August 14, 2016

Check Point Software Technology's SandBlast Agent for Browsersprovides real-time protection, all while reducing the resources required to prevent today’s most advanced attacks.A technology to address the ever growing threat of web-based malware, phishing and social engineering attack has been developed.

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Known as SandBlast Agent for Browsers with Zero Phishing technology that prevents the latest web-based malware, phishing and credential theft attack, the technology shall be on the market from October 2016.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the developer of the software, says “SandBlast Agent for Browsers is designed to protect users from evolving threats by seamlessly incorporating key components of the security model into the browser. It provides real-time protection, all while reducing the resources required to prevent today’s most advanced attacks.”

Check Point says preventing the full-range of web-based attacks–files downloaded from the web,Web-based malware and social engineering attack,cyber attackers using the latest evasion techniques and persuasive scams to infect their victims–from reaching end users is critical to maintaining business security.

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“As cyberattacks are growing in their complexity and frequency, enterprises are increasingly at risk of falling victim to a wide range of browser-based attacks,” said Rick Rogers, Area Manager for East and West Africa at Check Point Software Technologies. “Existing technologies ask users to wait for content to be evaluated, or require multiple, intrusive software installations on every system. SandBlast Agent for Browsers brings the highest level of protection to users in a simple browser plug-in that blocks unknown and zero-day malware delivered via web downloads, while quickly delivering safe content within seconds.”

Rick Rogers says Kenya’s improvement could reflect a growing maturity in security awarenessTo assist enterprises that “want maximum protection while minimising the footprint of running, managing and deploying multiple endpoint products on every system”, Check Point says its SandBlast Agent for Browsers is built with features that include:

  • Proactive, real-time protection from advanced malware delivers safe reconstructed content within seconds
  • Dynamic analysis blocks unknown and zero-day phishing attacks targeting user credentials
    Simple, easy-to-deploy browser plugin for Internet Explorer and Chrome that installs in minutes and operates with minimal overhead
  • Highest malware catch rate in the industry, utilising advanced sandbox technology and patented CPU-level detection.

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